Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Would you believe I JUST WOKE UP!!! Yes boys and girls I finally got to sleep past 4:30am!!!I feel very bad I was not able to speak with hubby. And I am sure he will be thrilled that I slept longer then 5 hours. Yahoo!!!

Well the coffee is good the news is on and the sad fact is that a family of 4 died in their home and people seem to be dying at a terrible rate from trying to keep warm. The news also has said that it might be past New Years before the power is on again in some places despite power companies sending help from all over the U.s.
Crews from California, Idaho, Montana and Canada are all working like mad men. Still the power will not be on anytime soon.

The climber they found in Oregon is Kelly James and his partners are still missing. It is all sad and the Folks there continue to search as if it is still a rescue. Pray that they find those two men.

Anyway I have a busy day ahead and will try to get something done on top of smelling a strange smell in the house...I suspect it is related to the cats who will be outdoor cats again. If it is what I think it is. So now I have more work and more trouble ahead. But at least I feel rested and not like a walking zombie!

Have a good day, stay well and safe.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping you had slept in a little when I was on earlier and you hadn't posted yet. Praise the Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you slept!!! I always wonder when I'm up with a child at 3 am if you're up too...

I'm beginning to think everyone who moves to the PNW should have to take the Halleyville Ranch Fairy's Winter Survival Class.

Anonymous said...

Goodness girl! Glad you are staying warm. Sounds as if Thomas is gonna be freezing soon.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you finally got some sleep!!!!!!

please keep warm. i am trying not to take our 62 degrees for granted, even with the cloudiness.