Thursday, December 21, 2006

Prime rib and a flag

Well what do you know? Prime rib on sale for under $5.00 per pound? And I am known to make the best Prime rib hubby has ever had. So I had told hubby about this and we (I) decided that we should just fill up the freezer downstairs with as much as I could put in there. Why? Well because watching my hubby work so hard and only getting a hot hand made fresh meal by me happens only when he comes home for a visit...Our priceless 15 hours...So I offered that everytime he comes home until it runs out I would feed him one of his favorite foods. I'll fix the other stuff and freeze it up and send it off with him but when he is home we will have a prime rib date. I am so happy that I am bursting at the seems about this. I know I am just a little off.

And I did get all the floors scrubbed and a nice finish put on it. I started early yesterday and informed my mum surgeons could do surgery on our floor. She asked me some questions and I finally figured out she was trying to figure out "who are you and what have you done with my daughter?" I had explained it ( the clean thing) had started right after Buluga died. Poor mum had no clue what to say and I felt bad as she knew that there was nothing to fix tht hurt. Poor mum...All mummies want to take that away and they can't. It is much torture I am sure. Anyway it is very clean and things are being addressed each day...

It is wet and was to have rained some 2 1/2 inches in one hour on the coast!! And to see Denver and the Western Plains on the news was just crazy...The call off of the search on Mt. Hood and more wind storms ... It is almost more then one can wrap their head around.

I have to do so much today..It took far longer to do the floors then I figured which made all the rest of the chores roll over to today. I was on my knees with a small scrubbies 3M eraser which brought the long black scuff marks of the floor in a flash (relatively) but in order to keep the floor uniform in color you have to do each 2inch board... Which is why this task alone took all day.

By the way I was watching the news ( rare for me) and cried as I watched as an old man was interviewed about his very special flag being stolen from his house... First who in the world would do such a thing...That is like stealing an urn full of ashes.
Second, Does this rotten thief have any idea THIS FLAG was a gift from his best friend who died in Vietnam?
Third does this snot have any idea what so ever what THIS MAN did? What he has suffered? A note to this crap head. ( yes, I am mad!) You are not worthy to touch that flag! It was a gift, an honor bestowed to one man from another...You have not earned even the remotest repect or honor ... How dare you take what was and is the sole right of one man and one man only. The value of this flag is priceless to him ( as well as all others who ache over this) You obviously have absolutely no respect for others things making you even less then a small coward. How dare you even touch it! If you have ever thought for a minute that someone you care for would loss something so special maybe you would not have taken it! You are bad, hateful and cruel. My heart does feel sorry for you...You have no idea how incredibly lucky you are to live in this country. How can you spit on the freedom bestowed on you in such a manner? Has it not occurred to you that you alone are the smallest form of the ugly American? Do you not see the message you have told the world about yourself as well? I pity you for not respecting your family enough ( they gave you a special gift of being an American ) or yourself. Were is your pride? If you want a flag of such magnitude you should be the one in uniform, holding a gun in a third world counrty watching your pals being killed while trying yourself to stay alive. Do you not know the flag you stole watched as Americans fell to their death? It is sad that you have such little value in yourself that you have to steal what you will never earn. Your actions are proof of this alone. You should return this flag, hang your head in shame and beg forgiveness. I regard your petty act as cowardness and cruel. Did this man do something to you? I doubt it... But you have done such a grievous crime against not just him but this country. A counrty this man proudly served. You on the other hand should be serving time. Good luck with that flag. It will not watch over you as it did this old man, it will not shine with pride ( considering you have no idea how to care for such a thing) nor will it say who you are. You alone could redeem yourself with one action alone. Have you considered that? I pray for you for your family, the shame they would feel if they knew it was you who stole this flag. You have broken sacred laws. Do, if for no other reason, muster up some pride and courage and return this flag. Bestow honor back to this flag, return it to the rightful care taker...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, what a cruel coward to steal that flag.