Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Visit me please Mr. Sandman

Inkling nor I had the very stingy Mr. Sandman visit last night. I was up past 2am. I had tea and was heading to bed just before 10 last night...tossed turned retreated back to the living room. Wanting, hoping and needing sleep. I beginning to think it, sleep is well not coming. I forced myself back to bed and flung the window wide open and refused to open my eyes. At last it came jarring me up at 5:10am. So now I have to get ready and plan for hubby coming home.

Liz came by and we hauled the huge ladder to the shelter and had it repaired in less than two hours. We came into the house and Liz looked around at the very clean house...Her notice was to the fact that there is no tree nor a Christmas present to be found ...Frankly you would think it was no place close to December let alone Christmas. She did not ask and I was surprised that she said nothing. I had thought of saying we had decided that there would be no exchange of gifts nor a tree, turkey with all the fixings yes... but nothing more.

And if anyone thinks it sad, well I'm sorry. But really I have thought it out and yes I would make the effort if asked by hubby but we are apart for so long and it would make me sadder to see a tree without my friend (hubby) to enjoy it with. And really our gifts to each other is time...something we do not get enough of together...You can not buy it and it is pretty priceless to us.

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of Christmas...I love all your photos you have posted....And the excitement of the gifts you are all about to share with those you love. I suppose it too has to do with us needing nothing...We have more then we need or should even have, but time and hours of scrabble, dinners and daily breakfasts...Those are what we have little of at all.

So I am told that hubby will drive home right after work on Friday night...I am happy that we will have more then the normal 12-18 hours we have come to regard as "a visit" !!! I am looking forward to cooking and putting all his favorite foods in front of him, fresh and hot and him saying "you should not cook this well"...

I read all the post this morning and cried...Thanks guys..I had managed to make it all the way to the end using only one Kleenex..

Be well and take care of all the little things, the important things....The fleeting things that you can not capture with a gift or a camera....Remember what we are able to give in time will never have value to anyone other than a few...Shared moments with friends who have shoulders as wide as the earth when our worlds fall apart...A blessing from a tragedy or the divine love that we share for each others. Try wrapping that up!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. While decorations and gifts are nice, having someone special to snuggle with is the best treat of all.

Anonymous said...

Time is precious. There is never enough. I think it's wonderful that you and Hubby need nothing more.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!