Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I have water issues....

It seems that this farm fairy is destine to have a lifetime full of water issues...From nearly drowning off the Hotel Coronado too not having hot water. A bath is all I wanted and there I was so happily trying to fill the new tub up where in my mind I could drift off just enough, crawl into bed and sleep a full night. My dream, my need ( at least I thought) and frankly my little escape from the world in general.I had turned on the hand held and washed out the kitty tracks that the tub now had mysteriously gotten and then I locked in the drain to filler her up.

What I got was me standing over the tub buck ass naked screaming at it...." No, damn it just a hot bath, I need a bath, hell, I want one" and out the spout came cold water.....turned on the other one and got ice cold water.....I wanted to scream or cry or laugh....and spent the next few minutes making a phone call to the guys regarding no hot water... Never mind it has started to rain here already...Never mind that it is pissing down rain right now. Never mind that the tub has the leak that I thought was fixed...a little leak that covered the floor, which involved one of two clean and dry towels that managed to keep from being covered in the various stages of dust, dirt and the natural crap that floats about while the entire house is under construction and repair.

I have water but no bath....and so I spent the night tossing and turning wanting so much to sleep. I awoke at 4am took only half a cup of coffee, thinking I could go back to bed, uh, no!!! So i decided I would up date least I have a toilet, right? and gee it all looks pretty swell...and hopefully when the sink/vanity is hooked up to the water I will be able to not have water issues and brush my teeth in the bathroom....uh, good luck farm fairy....And with that Rocky is awaking the world. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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