Wednesday, August 08, 2007

and did I mention.....

That the electricians that assured me they would return so I might have an oven or a microwave to heat some supper up did not bother to show up nor call? They had said they would hook up the heated travertine floors and my toes would be toasty by 8pm? and I would have a hot meal which I now have been with out for over a week.....ugh! I love my life. I love my life......Thank heavens Bruno is not here and can not see his Goonbalina melt least I have cereal for dinner right?

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Farm Wife said...

I think it's time to open a can of Farm Fairy whoop ass on those boys. I hope you have tosty toes tonight...and a warm bath.

I have to say, when the picture of your bathtub loaded I gasped out is FABULOUS!!!! I am pea green with envy. It all looks amazing.