Friday, August 10, 2007

Headline News

Well it seems that the Halleyville Ranch located it the very center of chaos has had just a few things that had to come crashing down around the farm fairy. This is news folks...The farm fairy had tears streaming down her face. As some if not all of you know there is a policy that reads "There is absolutely ,positively no snivelling, whining or crying" you will be immediately asked to leave without question. Period.

How in the world did this happen asked one worker......

Well lets see last night there was no hot water for a bath, no outlets on to grind coffee, then Jack (baby black kitten ) disappeared and the final straw was the irrigation and pasture water lines had been cut and capped. oh and the farm fairy got a urinary/bladder infection that set her sideways to the point that she could not pick up a glass of water. When the plumbers and electricians finally left the walk in clinic was closed.....

Bruno called his bride and said he had a dream that he was not allowed to come home until the house was done. And he never got to return as each time he called home his farm fairy said the house was not done yet.

maybe Bruno and farm fairy could meet at Seatac airport and just run the Big Island.......h now that my friends is a dream.

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