Friday, March 16, 2007

toddlers vs. old men

Savannah the toddler can race away in a few seconds, she is all over the place and is very happy to climb on ANYTHING! Are human toddlers like this too? And funny, rolling on her side and seemingly get to her feet in a flash, wanting to sit on the keyboard on the laptop,sticking her head into everything including my coffee cup in the morning then shoving her head into the Kleenex box. Then she goes onto the wood floors as her back feet slide like she has ice skates on. The Jonas wont go past the edge of the carpet (5x8) and lay on the soft fleece pillow case to watch t.v. Growls at Savannah when she tries to get into his cage or tosses her fir chips at her. He seems to not want to cuddle for more then 10 minutes and you have to catch him for this to happen ( he falls asleep sometimes), where she will come onto your chest and plop down and encourage you to snuggle with her till she falls to sleep.

Well my hubby is suppose to come home Saturday night after work. And he will leave sometime Sunday early afternoon. Bruno is getting better and has moved into the new digs a few minutes from the dam. He is now able to get almost and hour and half more sleep...which he needs. Speaking of sleep I got to bed at ten (normal for me) and slept well past 7:30 this morning. This Farm Fairy rarely sleeps that late and I am glad that I got too. Although I now have to call the chiro and push my appointment past 10am...

Well I have tons to do including torturing the bunnies with that very loud thing that seems to want to suck them into it too..okay be well kids! Have a great day..


Loving Annie said...

Happy Friday Farm Fairy !

Farm Wife said...

I am so glad to hear you got some sleep! I hope it helps in your recovery...that and a visit from Bruno!

Savannah is a doll. The boys are so excited about her pictures (and we keep having to watch the slide show of your critters at the bottom of the page) and about Jonas. And yes, she does sound just like a toddler!