Thursday, March 15, 2007

Maybe I am just not well still

I may still not be over it! Yes I mean the icky flu...Aches and migraines with fever...and the stuffy sinus and head.

Now onto fun stuff....

Savannah has learned how to hide when she wants to stay out. She too has learned to come when called. racing is a fun sport for her and she just adores carrots. I have to limit how much she will get at once as she will lay on my chest chowing down none stop.She has not figured out how to use her front paws to hold food yet. And she leaps onto the sofa at speeds you would not believe.

Jonas is being a little calmer and is now getting into his hammock. He is investigating Savannah and her cage...He and Slinky now lay down within a few inches of one another. And I let him loose most of the day when I am out doing other things. I still toss the cats out so he can just hang out and be where he wants. He is almost completely potty trained while out of his cage. He will stay in his bed with the door open..or watch t.v. from the side of the coffee table. Funny boy!

Now for where Savannah came from...A small pet store in Lake Stevens,Wa. a few miles south-east of here. I stopped there on a whim looking for a certain brand of bunny feed. That's when I asked if they had little (dwarf) type rabbits...One look at her and I was a goner...I sent Bruno a cell-phone photo and he said "get her she is a cutie!"

Last night I met up with Judith & Liz for dinner at the Thai place...We ate and ate and did the girlie date...Talking of the two crazy things of the of Liz's and one of mine...We then went across the street to the Stanwood Grill for coffee and Burnt Cream. Afterwards I was in pain from eating way too much as was Liz...By the time I got home (9:30) way past my fading point I was then wound up and unable to sleep...I made it to bed after midnight and was up at 4am!

So I finished the new organizer for the bills and banks and such. I have it all together as I was up anyway last night and figure I might as well do something and finish the beast. I am so happy that I was able to get this done and will be able to manage it at all times. The system I was using was well lets put it this way, was just awful. So now that the files that Ang did and the new organizer I created all is well and easy as far as the mass piles of paper and info one has to face.

Okay kids it is time for me to get going and do a few last minutes chores befor the trash man gets here. Hope you are all well and that the day holds wonderful things for you all.


Loving Annie said...

Farm Fairy,
That's great news about the new organizer ! Stuff like that helps life run so much more smoothly.

Glad you had a good girls' night out dinner !

Never knew there was such a thing as a swarf rabbit. He is too cute for words ! Glad everyone is getting adjusted to him, and vice-versa.

Feel better, FF !
Maybe - if you can - go to bed early tonight and catch up on some sleep.
This flu season it is a rough one, hangs on for a while if your resistance is down...
Did Bruno get over his yet ?

Loving Annie

Loving Annie said...

oops, typo - dwarf