Wednesday, March 14, 2007

As You Know

I try to give credit where and when due....and my previous post show this...

The Companies that I adore and frequent in STANWOOD

Jasmine Thai Restaurant

Chan Can Cook

Les Schwab

Haggens Grocer

Washington Mutual Bank

Blessings to you Antiques

Skagit Farm Feed

Advanced Heating and Storage

Cotton Pickens

Companies I will never use again in Stanwood:

Pratt Pest Management

Jiffy Lube

Glass Tech

All Seasons Stove & Spa

I'm not posting this out of malice I am just tired of medocore services and bad services when so many try to protect their companies by behaving well and beyond the call of duty....

1 comment:

Loving Annie said...

Thank you for the heads up. I think you are helping protect further customers from mediocre

I'm too far away to ever use them, but I'd like it if someone had warned me about some of the service companies in my neighborhood...