Wednesday, March 14, 2007

6 weeks old

Well Savannah is settling in...I let her out and she disappeared for half an hour..already getting into things. So far we are keeping one in and one out at a time as Jonas is 4x her size! He still growls at her a bit. I figure it will take awhile. I have a huge busy day ahead and feel like I am running late already. Hope you are all doing wonderful. Love you all!!!xoxoxoxox


Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday morning, Farm Fairy !

Savannah is just the cutest thing going !!! Those pictures are adorable.
I wouldn't be getting anything done -- I'd be looking at her and cooing at what a littel kiss-muffin she was !

Thanks for coming by my blog and visiting, and the loving comments you leave.

Blessings to you and Bruno and all the animals !

NoMas said...

Aw, come on Farm Fairy, give us the scoop. When did you get her? Where did you get her? Are you gonna get her spade? (I read that female bunnies are aggressive due to their inate nature to take care of their young).