Saturday, August 19, 2006

So Temera asked Kevin to write the blog, but him being a boy and all, he didn't really know where to start. So I'm back. Me being Christina, if you didn't catch that. Kevin will probably end up telling you all about the gun range, but i can tell you about all the jam and stuff we made today.

This morning started out great with a wonderful breakfast of farm fresh eggs, sausage, english muffins and potatoes. All four of us were sent on a wild goose chase of a sort because John couldn't find some of his gun type things. After hauling everything out of a section of the barn and Temera sifting through a bunch of his stuff in the barn, she finally found what he was looking for, just behind where John had stopped looking (go figure). So Temera and I set off to go pick blackberries to make jam with and we got back to empty our buckets right as the boys were leaving. I had to run and find John's saftey glasses, and soon the boys were happily off to the range to shoot. Temera and I wnt back out, we got a bunch of berries and I went to get more when she went off to get some pectin stuff. She told me how to make the jam and stood by as I made it. By the end, she would go off doing something else and I was making the jam all by myself, which is awesome cause I had never made jam before. MOST AMAZING JAM I HAVE EVER HAD. Temera's an amazing teacher. I told her that before I get married, I"m going to come here for like a month to do a housewife internship, haha. So we went to get mochas and chicken scratch, and got back right before the boys, made dinner and temera taught me how to make this certain kind of cake, and now we're all kind of hanging out, trying to figure out a way to convince Kevin's mom to let us stay longer =)

So now that I've had my say, Kevin's gonna join in on the fun and tell you all about the fun he had at the gun range.

So John and I arrived at the range around 12 pm, we signed in and then got to our booth. We started off by using the SKS ( Shoots a 5.56mm caliber) we were shoot down range at 100 yards. We had some trouble shooting with it due to the fact that we were unable to change the site. We eventually got bored of that then steped it up a bit with the M14 rifle, this shoots a 7.62 caliber round. This has more kickback but was a lot more, so after we were done destroying the target we moved to the pistol range. There we shot a .41 magnum and a Glock 19, I had fun blowing through the 9mm. After that we headed for home, we did some dudies around the house, ate dinner then unwound. John however went downstairs to play Halo!!

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ang said...

sounds like everyone had a great time..Christina Temera has great recipes and is an awesome chef/baker/domestic Goddess..Take notes. Glad everone is safe and cozy.

hugs and love to ya'll.