Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Half the Week

I have been up for at least 30 minutes and the birds are singing ( annoying at this hour) Buluga is out under a tree in the freshly mowed yard.....And I ? Well lets put it this way I am so tired I am thinking about going back to bed after hubby morning call..... This would be a treat but unlikely as I rarely am able to return to sleep.....And those damn birds whistling and singing ( as bad as a DJ on the radio) See I am tired as my miss cranky panties are showing....The ferrier was here yesterday and trimmed Jezzy's feet and he said that they looked really good, much better than several weeks ago.. Well I know that I have a long list of things that have to be done.....Painting the strips for garden shed, over a hundred pieces as well as some final corners inside.....So off I go, it is to be warm again around 70 degrees....

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