Monday, June 05, 2006


Now I thought I might update all you on the dillemma of the coffee pot....It is still sits empty on the counter... You might be wondering if that is the reason I have slacked on blog....No, sadly it is not the reason....That I could control if I had to....The reason is that it is raining except for one day .... there is just so much to do...paint, stain, dishes, laundry, sweeping and drying out wet things in general as well as trying to get ready for house guest ( possibly) and making sure that all the plants are well...repotting a wisteria for a friend ( Steve) and then planting some more spinach... there is more but it is just they daily stuff....horses, alpacas, chicken and such...My birthday went all weekend with hubby putting togather bbq with a handful of friends and then to the great Thai place for supper on Friday night.....hubby then left late past 4pm to the otherside...which is the sunny side of Washington.....He then stayed at Steves last night......Mr. Bondo has had his own crazy weekend with his daughter's grad and house guest Trixie.... And my wayward hubby coming and going...and still the coffee saga resulted in going downstairs to the other kitchen and hunting up the thing that holds a filter with grounds that you pour boiling water in and you are able to make a SINGLE CUP at a time..I love early mornings I am just really kinda unstable, tripping, growlie I fight the microwave as turning on gas and boiling water seems a little risky...wala.. one cup of java.....well I am going to Edmonds to work and then will return in time for the noightly feeding of the kingdom

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