Sunday, September 16, 2007

where I should be.....

I hope you forgive me Bugaboo!

I am pretty sure I am going straight to hell for this...and I feel like a schmuck for not seeing the date before this morning a few minutes ago. I should just pack my bag grab my keys and swap trucks and get back to Everett as soon as my ass could move. The thing is I spoke to ANG and told her were I was going and she did not say " oh no Missy you have already made plans what are you thinking?" So now here I am unable to sleep because my word has gone down the toilet....and to a kid.....oh I am going to hell for this one. How in the world am I to make up this one I do not know. Any ideas? September is the crazy month of Birthdays...Bruno, Bugaboo and Mom....

I was to drive out earlier but...the Ford dealership has real issues....I had other plans.... it has turned out to be easier for me to go see Bruno than him to me...Why ???? Well because he can not work on the house if he is not there...hence he gets a little more rest. So I picked up his truck from the dealer and then drove her on over.The new builder will come out on Monday and start the garage that we had to tear down as the last builder made a rats mess of the whole thing. We have had one series of chaos and problems with the trades and one hopes the worst is behind us. Anyway it is warm here and the wind is really nice.I'll post more photos in the next few days. I Hope you are all well and life is good.

I hope to be forgiven ...... Happy Birthday Bugaboo!!!!

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