Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well if you thought......

That it is strange that Ang hacked into the blog ....think again. She has my life under better order than I. REALLY. If or when I die she will pop in and help poor Bruno get through the maze that accumulates in ones life. And it has been a huge life....She knows everything. passwords, bank stuff and all. She has spent the last year creating Jupiter's Muses and I the lowly artist sits here , boggled by all the details. Her mind is an amazing go getter done, thinking on the fly like few I know.( I know 4 people like that, but only two that I wish I had the same processes ) Her drive for perfection only rivals my mom. The one and only thing I really am truly jealous ( green with envy) of in anyone. At least I admire the right thing, huh? The process that is required to create Jupiter's Muses would have stopped me many months ago. So if you are kind enough to stop by and give a peek of what you think that would help out heaps. Ang has worked like a crazy person on this and she just needs your raw thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you all. Hope that everyone is fine and doing well.

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