Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it could be worse....

So there is a time when you can no longer ignore that you have to

A)either resolve that you will never have arms long enough to read the aspirin bottle or

B) make appointment with the eye guy and get a bi-fold script...

Now this farm fairy has always had perfect vision until the last few know that wham...your over forty and all will slowly change and life will not be the me on this OK?

so I will have glasses with bi-folds....oh dear that is a little shocking.. I too have found that I need more light to do things like read. My mom rolled with laughter when I told her.

The new eye guy is very nice and agreed to see Bruno on a Sunday the next time he comes home.

Well that's all for now hope you are all well.

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a wandering heart said...

My eyesight is already shot... I have to wear contacts or glasses. I really hope the bifocals aren't necessary for a while, like at least til I am 40. ;->