Sunday, February 04, 2007


And turning ALL night. I had gotten to bed around 9:30 last night was up no less then 5 times. Thought I heard water at 11 went down stairs and did a check...watched tv...heard water again..Thanks to national geographic for " I shouldn't be alive" some guy drowning!!!So I headed back to my bed, woke again at 2....dreams of all the sinks dripping...I tried to open the window and heard the rain hitting the house...AUGH!!!!so here I am dry and drinking my java..Knowing that I will for life be plagued with water issues...( at least that is what history is indicating ) Who could blame me for this?

I got tons done around here..My folks had stopped by...I showed them around the deconstruction zone and then they took my laundry..I waiting for Steve the plumber and worked on my hole...They asked if they could take me to supper at the new Chinese place in town...I still had the water turned off but said I'd meet them at 6pm...Dinner was fabulous...And I had stopped and got a dozen roses for my mom as a little thank you for doing my wash...How cool is that? Who else but your folks do something like that?

Okay I hope you all have a good day and all is well and great with you all...I did find time to read every ones blog..I just wasn't able to comment...XOXOXOOX


Hammer said...

Great slideshow. Cute pets. I want to start doing that on my blog.

I'll stop back by here again.

Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday morning Farm Fairy,
Very sweet of you to thank your Mom that way !!!

Left special blessings for you on my blog today to dry up any excess water issues !

lauren said...

very good idea with the flowers!!!
i wonder if we were up at some of the same times. baby bear is teething, and last night was rough for her.

so glad your parent are able to help out AND get you out of the house for a break. chinese sounds fabulous!!!