Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mud Bath

Well I'm sure that someplace in Hollywood that this is a normal thing, but here there is no charge, no snowy white bathrobe and the only derobing going on is the moment you peel off your very muddy cloths to get into the shower..No part of this is relaxing, I assure you of this. Flash and I dug up some stuff and it started to pour and we continued till we both were covered with mud and soaking wet. We managed to get somethings done...The puddles put a screeching holt to the hole madness..And we gave in to stopping...for the moment. Anyway the trench was working until so much water came down , thus revealing the holes were the dirt had not been packed down...I took one step and the rubber cow boots sank to a few inches below the tops...So now the whole mess will have to be dug up and filled in correctly. ( I had explained to Poke how to fill it in and NOT to leave any air pockets.) So now if it ever dries up enough it will be redone...

Well today will be hopefully the last day of work before construction plans begin. I'm hoping for smooth sailing from this point on...Maybe Bondo could send a photo of a sail boat my way for good luck. I had the pleasure of collecting 7 eggs last night...we only have 5 hens so I'm trying to figure out how 5 hens lay 7 eggs a day for the last 5 days...usally there are just the 5 eggs...can anyone explain this?

Jonas and I had a good snuggle last night while he fell to sleep on me..I was in bed at 8:45 last night as the 2 day migraine was getting the better of me... It is warm here last nights low was 45 degrees... A wide open new midnight visitors.


Mommy Diaries said...

I love you! YOu have to promise that when Bruno comes home at least one day of rest to enjoy each other's company. PLEASE!!!


Farm Wife said...

We have a few hens that will lay twice a day, but in the dead of winter? That's the shocker! You must have a knack for keeping hens happy!

Farm Wife said...

BTW, should we start a pool to see how long Poke lasts?

Loving Annie said...

Well, Farm Fairy, it sounds like the hens are happy and have a good home !

Mud baths have never thrilled me. Even with a fluffy bathrobe nearby. Now almond oil masssages, well, that's a different story !

Hope the wather cooperates from here on out, and that the construction plans go smmothly. You deserve a break.

Congrats on your upcoming anniversary next week ! Thank you for showing us pictures ! That was a very pretty dress !

I think Bruno ought to be pleased as all get out with you. You come as close to perfect as anyone could with your hard work.
Please take a day off and you two enjoy yourselves when he comes home --

Hope your head is feeling better, and that Poke and Flash do a good day's work.

Loving Annie said...

eek - typos !!!