Sunday, January 28, 2007


Okay so lets just say that we have a very good time...We had great seats and the music was great. I'm dragging my hiney as I was not home til after 1am...The 2 hour drive was ok..I'm greatful Ang's dad drove. And George was at his best! and here is my confession...All I could do was think Bruno should have been there too...I Bruno called from Ang's phone while George sang " check yes or no" and missed him more then I thought possible. Anyway my little head has a migraine as the fumes at the dome was pretty bad..So I'm off to go put some ice on my head and then clean up...I did something I do not do, went to sleep with makeup on...Okay the reality is I have put makeup on less then 5 times in the last year..but still I know the rules here don't I? Bruno had gone to some friends he has not seen in 6 years or so..I have not spoken to him this am, but am hoping he had a great time...Bondo was to have house guest...I.E. Micky so I'm hoping they too had a great time this weekend.


NoMas said...

The stay up late hangovers are the worst.

Micky said...

Nope, It was Nic come down from the Idaho north country. I'm still in TN, flying out Wed.

Anonymous said...

I wish your hubby was there too sweety. I saw and know how much you missed and desired to be with him last night. Thanks for being my best friend and loving me and putting up with me yesterday. You're the best