Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Know!

It is 4:30am way too early for this farm fairy to be outta bed....I have been fighting stuffy sinuses and upper chest cold of some sort...So I tossed and turned. Opened the window, closed the window blew my nose yadda, yadda and so I could no longer toss and woke to coffee waiting just for me...I was like the dog in that cartoon spinning on my paw in joy... I will give the coffee a chance to wipe the migraine that arrived sometime last night out of my head.I have not had luck with this but I always try it first.

I was able to get the kitchen back together and decided that I will have to put a shelf up in the closet that I put the brooms and such in. I need it to hold the bunny supplies as I have not been able to squeeze space out of the kitchen for his stuff.. He is getting more comfy and I crocheted a little bunny snugly bed for him. He is also learning to roll like a happy puppy would, it is hysterical to watch him race back and forth then without warning he will stop drop and roll...He also comes out and will just snuggle under my chin and the next thing I know he is sound to sleep, but the moment I stop petting him he wakes , licks my chin and then falls asleep again the moment I give him some loving snuggles. Can you see he has captured my heart? One could not resist him.... for he is so cute.

Have a great day. I hope everyone is doing great...


Farm Wife said...

Sounds like Jonas was the perfect Christmas Gift. Way to go, Bruno!!!

Anne said...

Good morning Farm Fairy !
May your body heal quickly ! Do you grind the beans for your coffe yourself each morning ? what is your favorite brew ?
The bunny sounds adorable. What a happy and sweet companion he is to add to the menagerie !
The kitchen painting sounds like it was quite successful - glad you are enjoying the results of your hard work !
Blessings to you and Bruno,

NoMas said...

Awe, Jonas sounds like a little doll. Too bad we can't see him roll. He sounds very happy.

ahpascual said...

Hey ... I smile when I think of you ... Thanks for being in my World ... crazy ... I never thunk I talk to you this way ... Love Andrew