Tuesday, January 30, 2007

let there be paint

Well I started painting the kitchen at just before 5am and finished the second coat a few minutes before 5pm.The dark base coat gave a richer look to the light chocolate color. All the white wood work got a good scrub and the floors too had two coats of finish on them. and now the walls are deep drying with a space heater on them.Nothing is nothing as bad as paint sticking to the barely dry walls...So walls will remain free for a few days while they dry. I love the new washable flat paints nothing cold be worse than semi gloss..yucko!

Anyway the next room is the dinning room and living room. I do not like yellow or beige with yellow undertones....so they too have to go. I am waiting for the contractor to tell me when all the work will begin or when the sofa and all the upholstery will be sent out for cleaning. There are several Chinese carpets that have to be sent off for a good cleaning.

Anyway I have too to work on the taxes I took a break as I was dreaming of numbers...So they had to be put aside for a day or two. I plan on getting the info to our tax guy be mid Feb..No pressure this way.....or so I say.

The horses had a fun day, I let them out and they rolled in mud..Just like kids they just could not resist.

Dad did a half walk yesterday and is doing great.

Well you all have a great day and stay warm...hugs to you all..And yes I did read everyone yesterday...I was up at 3:30 am....I want sleep...just a few nights that I sleep more than 5 hours..


NoMas said...

Paint, paint and more paint! I've been painting outside buildings this week. Yuck. Your job is more overwhelming, I'm sure.

Those rotten horses eating all of the feed. Bad equines! My donkey is a toot and tries to kick the cattle when I feed them - she backs up to them and kicks at their heads. Good thing they are Longhorns and hard headed.

Grace said...

I'm glad your dad's doing good!!

Farm Wife said...

Glad to hear about you dad! And good luck with all the remodeling...maybe the paint fumes will help you sleep tonight!