Monday, August 21, 2006

boys & chicks!

Well after lunch we ( Christina, Kevin and myself) went to pick up their new chickens....They are now known as Ada & Rocky...the chickens not the kids....of course they (the chickens) have to stay here on the ranch...Although the kids would love to stay here as well....and they both refer to here as home...How could we ( John& I) be luckier....? As you can see by the smiles everyone is happy to be here.... This evening as it was getting dark and I was in the kitchen fixing hubby his supper I got the feeling I was being watched...I was on the phone with Ang and turned around while on speaker phone to see these two chickens ( Ada & Rocky) making their way across the dinning room carpet and straight into the kitchen ...I had to inform Ang that I had to get them out befor hubby found them in his kitchen....I am pretty certain that he would say that the only chicken in the kitchen best be in the fridge or on its way to hubbies plate for supper.....I am certain he would not be pleased with them coming to sit on my lap.... So later tonight after feeding I was out on the porch smoking a cigarette and on the phone again with Ang..( stocking?) when hubby came out to find the two chickens on my chest all snuggled up.....well to my shock hubbby ask to hold one....( I was hoping he would not give them the heave ho off the porch) he took the rooster and held him and then took the hen and she crawled right into his shirt and settled down right there...We ( John& I) got a box and was going to put them in a roost....which they jumped out of only follow us, then onto a bench...hubby put hand out and both went for more snuggle time...we finally put them up in a tree and we returned back to the house. I should think that I will be able to train them....the chickens not the hubby or the kids... Posted by Picasa


Country Joe Gilhooley said...

very 'warm and fuzzy' post!

Anonymous said...

Alot happens when I'm on the phone with you doesn't it??..The kids do look happy!! (DEB(Kevin's mom)you did good)

Inkling said...

Very fun. I've never heard of chickens that like to cuddle, but there's always a first for everything. Maybe they will give you material to write the next Charlotte's Web, only the chicken version.

Your offer of jam was wonderful, and I'd love to take you up on it, but Henry David thinks that food isn't allowed to cross the border. I have no idea, only knowing that I had to give them my apple once. But anyway, if you want to email..... try inkling7 at hotmail dot com. I'd love to have your instructions on how to make blackberry jam, if you'd be willing to share them.