Monday, July 16, 2007

why blogger refuses to....

post even one photo is beyond me ...maybe because the kittens are flat out crazy at play each time I try....and the energy they have...try as i might I can't seem to bottle it. I would love to have that.

Anyway Bruno is back at work and that my friends means I can get back to my pace. Which to hear others means high speed to me on the other hand is more like 3rd gear. Oh how I wish I had overdrive in this body like when I was in my mid twenties. That would let me get done in reality those plans that I think I should be able to do as once was possible.
The high clouds still give no relief to the heat. Breathing the humid air sucks for my production level...suck through wet sponge and see what happens.

I awoke with a kitten under me , still trying to figure out why Buck was crammed up under me in this heat, although Thomas was under the covers snoring ...That cat loves the heat, the closer to it the better. Buck ( baby orange kitten) will drive you nearly mad trying to get on or in your plate. It makes no difference what you may have, he wants it and will return repeatedly until you toss him off or out.

Okay I am off and will be getting done some things that will no longer hang over my head. Paper work for the next two days will keep me from the puter. So have a good few days and hope you are well...

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a wandering heart said...

i wish i could hve some of your 3rd gear motivation!