Thursday, April 26, 2007


So I was done with morning chores in record time. The horses just knew I was up to not good. Maybe because of the clothing or that I was not letting them out to eat on the bare pasture. I checked chickens and was packing the car up with laptop, case full of jewelry and and camera... The drive was okay for the first one mile on the freeway, after that the loonies came out as if to let me know that I was going to the city....uh, yea trust me I know! I made my stops and arrived to the safety of Ang's home. We spent the day addressing a number of things for Jupiter's Muses...As always our visits are like a fast storm of chaos and full of laughter. I had a great time...Poor Ang is always so hard on herself. Which I have learned it's just stuff and things but no need to panic. Not an illness or someone in the hospital or dying. So we got things done and I was fed a wonderful home cooked meal as well as given the recipes...Yahoo. I have so much to do like calling for the forth time the tractor place to come pick up the mower and call the contractor who was to call two weeks ago. Anyway I will check on you all again later. Have a perfect day and keep dry.

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Loving Annie said...

Happy Sunday, Farm Fairy !