Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Odd Reality @ Halleyville

I have just gotten in Today was good, very good..I got to eat supper before I feed the animals today!!! A few times a year that happens around here.

And now for the odd reality.....

The other day I did not have to shower or prepare for a visitor at around 10 am I go and shut the doors and start the water for a shower.I forgot my towel and went to get it came back and went to set it on the towel stand and what do you suppose I found on the fresh clean towels? Well kids, it was Aida the hen laying an egg!!! I just about fell over, you see normally when she does come in she eats the cat food and wonders into the living room to visit the bunnies and watch the television. And then when Rocky starts to crow and carry on she gets up and goes to the rest of the flock. Well after my shower and a few other things like dishes I went outside, not raining and warm as well as Flash working so I did a few things and went to go get the eggs and who do I find laying on 5 eggs...No surrey not a rooster nor a her, heck I found that crazy Slinky (cat) curled up on the pile sound to sleep... An odd world Farm Fairy odd indeed.


Grace said...

Have you heard of Dr. Seuss's book "Wacky Wednesday"? Sounds like you had one!

Lauren said...

Who needs children when you have lots of pets? They seem to keep you on your toes!!!