Sunday, February 11, 2007


So there I was happily scrubbing the floors on my knees done with the living room and just at the front door when the phone rang at 11 was Bruno telling me he wanted chicken fried steak and eggs at the Elger Bay Cafe......I said that sounded so good...and then it hit me he was just a few miles from home ..( sneaky guy) of course nothing but the floors were done and I had not yet showered..who would scrub floors after showering and anyhow I had wanted to get it all done, go shopping for food and then come home shower and wait like a good wife. Well Bruno was so tired from the last few weeks that he had to take an extra day off...and there I am smelling like who knows what , hair all outta place and in sweats on my knees...NOT the pretty little wife picture any man has in his head...I got cleaned up enough to go have the chicken fried steak and eggs. Breakfast was good and I drove back towards home after we stopped bye at Liz's place for a short hello...Bruno fell asleep half way home....I put him in the living room with Jonas and made them both just veg....I was happy to have them just being...

I did make it to the store and by the time I was back he was sound to sleep...I made myself a ham & cheese sandwich and watched mindlessly the television. ( I could not tell you what was on ) frankly I spent more time watching Jonas run up the pillow ladder onto Bruno and back down and into the cage. Jonas never did manage to wake Bruno with his bunny raceway antics. Thomas and Slinky slept by the fire and I too fell asleep... I dragged myself and Bruno to bed where he tossed and turned and could not fall back to sleep again. He left to the sofa...At around midnight the power had gone off and ruined whatever he had been watching ..the alarm and the talking voice woke me up....we talked for awhile and we went outside, I smoked a cigarette and wanted coffee...while visiting outside the lights came on and blinded us both..I returned back to bed after fixing the television for Bruno...I figured I was not going to get coffee at this hour as I would never make it back to bed...I woke at 3:30 forgetting that the coffee may not have activated itself..I pushed the button and went out...still warm near 50 degrees, the rain had stopped and it was just damp and mild.

Flash cleaned Brunos rig..I wanted to write " also available in white" in the dirt that made it look like charcoal...It took a great deal of time and Flash got a quick lesson in waxing....He did a good job and I was happy that Bruno had to do nothing.....Plans for the rest of his visit...NOTHING...Chores? ........Nope...Work of any kind? NADDA!!!It is all about vegging.....and maybe a little box of SEES CHOCOLATES for our anniversary....3 years on Valentine's Day....Bruno is still my hero and each day I try to remember lucky am I????

Well you may or may not here from me till Tuesday....hope you are all really good and that you all get to rest this weekend...


Loving Annie said...

Dear Farm Fairy,
You and Bruno enjoy your time together !
And Happy Anniversary on Wednesday !

Cyber hugs/Love

Mommy Diaries said...

tell my other husband happy anniversary! and I love you both.Enjoy time at home Bruno. Please take care of yourself. I love you and don't want anything happening to you.

I'm home sick and hubby was kind and took the kids to church..I have an hour of peace and quiet before they return.


carolyn said...

Happy Anniversay !!! Enjoy the time that you and Bruno will have together while he is home.

Yes, I'm one of your lurker's. Hello there !!
Enjoy reading your blog,
Carolyn in WV