Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rocky Rooster

Well now it seems that Rocky has decided that if he starts his morning hymn on the back steps I will open the door while making my coffee and he will be able to warm up and visit a bit, grab some cat food near my feet and call it a good start for his day. I tried in vane to convince him that he and the girls would be warmer in the barn and would he reconsider it....He just marched off as if I was asking him to become a pot of chicken stew. I made a trail of the soft bread and cat food to the barn door hoping that they might go in...ALL came just near enough to the door but would not go further. As far as I know they will not freeze regardless of the fact again this morning the troughs were frozen...The sky is just turning a swell pink color and the white frost on the fields look magical. Im still hoping to find a solution to the chicken coop resistance...They had spent a week locked in the barn and the very moment I opened the door they took off and refused to return. I too had the garden shed door open hoping at least they would venture in...I thought they KNOW that the scratch is in there...Still no deal.

Liz and I spoke of this and she said she too had one rooster who refused lodging...We'll see what happens as winter settles in.

I put some carpet on the deck as Buluga would not ice skate across the deck, but whimpered to find a way out. She was out in a shot the moment it went down.

I had tried to unscrew the irrigation spigots off was able to get one of five ..The remaining four stubbornly refusing as I cursed wishing I had done it sooner then the day it decided to freeze. It came as a surprise to most of us here, too early for such things. I will hope that it warms up today..It never did get warm enough to defrost the filters.

I dread the winter here alone with hubby off working and knowing that the passes will open up and close in random order. His job to will keep him far and away. It is always a risk that he will or will not be able to make the pass as well as get more than 18 hours off. So with that I will bundle up and make the best of it.

The horses and alpacas seem to be adjusting to the weather better than myself.

The House on the corner was put up for sale a week ago and the traffic of lookers are mind boggling..I myself am hoping that old lady Taylor will buy it as she does most of the houses that come on the market with in her view. She is fab!! She is a great grandma but you'd never know it..She teaches aerobics 16 times a week and is more active than most people you'll ever meet..Very cool lady and I stop by when I see her rig in the driveway...Not very often but always a treat to hear the stories of our house and the old days of our area.

The momma wild cat and her kitten still refuse to come in out of the cold. They do not run when I stand at the door and put cat food out for them and I will try to have more patience (hahaha) in taming them.

Well that is all for the moment it is light enough for me to get to the barn and find the heaters and the horse blankets without killing myself....Hope you are all well and the day brings you great things...

P.S. I notice that there are many folks from other countries reading the blog...Welcome to the ranch, watch your step and enjoy the antics of Halleyville.

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