Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Again the water was frozen solid and the horses gave me that look...Yes that one that screams " what are you thinking? Why? " and so I feel guilt wishing that I could bring them into the house, but you all know what Mr. H would say about that. So I try to reassure them that this too will pass I will somehow care and provide you with extras like blankets as well as some extra feed to keep you just a bit warmer.
I will get up to the barn and grab the blankets I bought this summer at a barn sale....Me the ever bargain hunter managed with some luck to get three newer blankets for a mere $60.00 dollars. Each one new would be $130.00 at the least. Hubby looked at me when I came home with them as it was 90 degrees at the time. And I just gave him that look...Then said trust me we'll need these later....Remember how cold and wet it was just 4 month's ago? Anyway off to bundle up and go feed. Will try to get some photos to you soon.

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