Friday, November 17, 2006


Okay so it is NOT raining and I have several chores outside while I can do them without getting soaked....The fencing needs some looking after and some feed needs to be brought out of barn closer to the horses...They are still wet to the skin.Poor babies! I have been run down a bit and am very tired and this weather does not help ...wearing my cow hat helps keep my very little ears covered but not near warm enough. I ordered new rubber boots and when I went to see when they would come in I was informed they had matching hat to go with the Dalmatian boots!!!! How cool is that???? Yes, as soon as I get them I'll post photos.....In the mean time my currant boots keep the right foot dry but the huge tear in the left one is a crap shoot if I get wet or not.

The sky is very grey but not black and stormy like it has been...I have tons of errands to do today and tomorrow is the fund raiser at the Elks in Everett...I will have to get the babies fed early to get there on time.

I will post photos as soon as I can...Hubby has new photos too and he will be home for Thanksgiving and will be able to be home till Sunday...
He too is VERY tired and working many hours....And is looking forward to coming home for some rest and a big feast..We will be having ham and all the fixings....

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