Sunday, September 03, 2006

Halleyville Husband returns to find TWO WIVES

And there he comes pulling in to find his wife count has doubled......He IS delighted as this man can now count many blessings..Double the trouble too I might add..We would like to thank Travis for loaning his wife to the Halleyville Ranch.....John had another treat in store...dinner was in the oven then on the table before he could unload his rig from his 5 day adventures ( I hope he will share with you all) from Cashmere, Washington to the shack in California... This dinner was a huge pile of Enchiladas one pan had shreaded chicken and the other beef....Now I have to tell you this my favorite dish that Ang makes and if you know it is coming for dinner....well just do not eat the whole you will NOT WANT TO STOP AT ONE!!!!! trust me on this...I desire another but hubby had two...and then MADE US TAKE IT AWAY......he will continue to eat and wife # 5 will be accussed like the other wives of cooking TOO GOOD as a punishment to him!!!!Yes? I'm serious!!!!!

Now my hubbies wife count is as follows:
1)Jose / roommate and worlds best mexican cook on the planet earth
2)Steve / best friend of 20 years another grand cook ....Italy HAS NOTHING on this man
3) Me (temera) worlds 2nd best cook in general (her mom being the first)
4) Liz an amazing woman, cook, funny girl and care taker to many
5) Ang..amazing mom, caretaker, cook and great friend....she knows more about the running of this ranch/house then John

If wife #3 should die she would take care of everything and be able to make sure John would get all that he needed in help....

Anyway we are all glad he is home and Miss Buluga is very happy as she has finally settled down next to her daddy....

And the big thing we could not share was while honey was away we painted the trim a dark marlot....from it's old worn out green.....

well blessing and good night.....Bondo he HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!love you tons...

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