Sunday, September 03, 2006

2 girls free of hubbies

Well now my friend Ang has not been away from her hubby and kids for 6 years.....You would think we would get ourselves into a little trouble..but no WE WORKED...just as hard as if we were at home doing chores...hubby did call to say he was cracking the whip ....little does he know what we have been up too...I suppose the minute he pulles into the driveway he might but til then I am unable to share any secrets about our adventures until then...
Hubby has had fun with Bindo seen places in California that he had not seen before and is ready to come home.....well the horses still have not been fed and because we ( ang & i) stayed up until near 1am I DID NOT WAKE until after 7 this morniing.I am glad to beback in blogger land....will report longer later..tootles

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