Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lady Godiva

Well here is the low down....The mural of Lady Godiva is going in the bathroom...she is 30inches high by 42 inches wide on 6 inch tumbled marble...the photo shows the location...(the hole without tile)

The tub,toilet and vanity will be installed come Monday. I am hoping to the mural to arrive within a few days. I will post photos as we get closer.

On other I am truly at the point of mere sleep walking.

Bruno has received a promotion that I can not even begin to tell you about...but it is wonderful news!

Hope you are all doing wonderful. Looking forward to some needed rest. xoxoxoox


Anonymous said...

looks beautiful sis. congratulations to bruno too.

Farm Wife said...

Very cool!! I may come hang out in your bathroom. It's beautiful!