Friday, July 13, 2007

oh my ....hello husband....

Well now I have the treat of the month, Bruno pulled in on Wednesday night...his hinny dragging....He is to rest for a few days....So yesterday we rested ( I feeling guilty for such luxury's ) I did sit on the back deck assembling the mail box number thingy that reflects at being a safety freak wanting to make sure the fire department could find us in our dark little road if ever the need...Not like they would miss a house on fire ,as there are only three other houses even visible from our place...

Anyway the girls are pixie put herself in a pickle that even I could not save her from...she has a few things to learn before returning here....Ranch Giggler will be coming back this next week, to finish her time and then will be paid for her labor after it.

Bruno was impressed by what got done around here including the new wood fence that I put off for a year...we had step in fences that did little but worked as a visual for awhile. We will plant vines at each post soon. I am hoping for railroad ties to put in the winter veggies but at this rate who knows if that will really happen. Bruno intends on finishing the stairs on the deck ( 3 sets ) as well as the over head archway....My wish is for him to just veg.....I'm sending him off to get a massage at 9 am today....anyway we are trying our level best not to work ourselves into the ground but we are both feeling as if we already have.

the list of things to do here in the summer seems to grow by the day. and I wonder if I will ever have less then ten things on the darn thing, the list as it is looks like this
go to dump
pick out of feild 100 bales of feed
load into barn those 100 bales
weed flower beds
return dead plants to Lowes and replant new ones
gut upstairs bathroom
tile bathroom
remove all the plant and hummingbird hangers ( prep for paint)
clean all the water spouts and filters
add Y's to two spigots
take kittens to vet for 3rd shots and worming
have Alpacas sheared
trim horses hooves
bath bunnies
check and repair hot wire in four locations
kill blackberries bushes that threaten to take over corner of property
clean out barn
have barn sale
sell old 4runner & Rodeo
garage door install
latch for gate
make cushion covers (4)
put ties and fill winter garden
build greenhouse
plant 11 trees were the dead one are removed
paint house
finish down stairs
remove overhead lines and relocate in the ground
stain fence
stain deck again
trim the rest of trees
remove old dog run fence (chain link) and put in wood one with 6 foot gate so I can mow in there
dig trench to garden shed for power.
trim fruit trees
check the irrigation lines (all 2000 feet of it )
find the leak that keeps filling up window well

Did I mention I need to get this all done by September 1st? This does not include the daily ranch chores...So as you can see I have plenty too keep me going
I have not seen or heard the news in some three weeks now....T

hope you are all well and that the new places and babies everyone has are all perfect.

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