Monday, July 09, 2007


Well yesterday was pretty calm , well sorta...We worked several hours and then went and got a John Deere part and it took us several hours longer..then put it together... So I will now be able to spent the remainder of the day fertilizing one pasture. It is always so crazy here in the summer, which never lasts long enough to get the giant list of things done. Even with the help of some boot camp girls. If summer could last lets say 7 months I might have a chance. We got tons done so far. The girls leave for Auntie Liz's place today..She has so much work and all the other stuff like the masses of veggies that need to be attended too. As well as mini cart driving classes. And the list goes on...She too works at the frenzied pace we do here, just a little different. She said that it would feel like a break to the girls after hearing that we worked several days at high noon in the unbearable heat. But my policy here is there are just the daylight hours and rain and heat are not an excuse to quit...The two girls have worked several boys right under the table. They are getting stronger each day. Both can now move a 90# bale on their own and load it into the cart. Both can toss a 50# bag of feed in the rig and not complain one bit...Not that I would hear it..No snivelling, no crying and no whining..PERIOD! The don't. They did once and it cost them a full hours pay a piece.

My new truck was delivered yesterday and the fact that I did not get to even see her befor we bought her is pretty funny.The only bad thing is she is black..Not good on a ranch...Toyota Tundra...Anyway I've let the girls sleep long you all.

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Farm Wife said...

I hope and pray the girls take home all they're learning under your wing. What an awesome experience! And with the tans & muscles they'll be sporting at the end of the summer....