Saturday, April 07, 2007

My week....

It has been a very long 10 days and the world seems like it is a slow moving place...Well not for our little miss Savannah. She is a ball of wild energy and I leave her and Jonas out most of the day. They are well and are enjoying the addition of more types of veggies.
My health has been a challenge and I was to the doctors office again yesterday. The taxes seem to grow overnight while I sleep. And the slow recuperation tends to magnify the whole world ( good & bad ). I am doing better and the doctor was a little shocked that I has stopped all meds in November...I have to say I adore my new doctor, she is kind and does not jump to ram meds in me or do procedures she thinks are frivolous although she did give me a sturn talk about my continual smoking habits. I have to stop I know as my health is paying for it now as in the past. And animals do not smoke and they seem to have less problems medically than humans...
I have been checking up on you all, even tried a few times to post a comment or two. But I was working on the desk top and had the wrong password or something that would let me read but not speak ( ha ha) how funny and ironic that it put the mute button on my mouth(fingertips)
And now about weather...on April 2nd it snowed for half the day and just yesterday it was 76 degrees here. I went to jump on the John Deere and mow when it would not start I hauled the 8 month old battery back and was presented with a brand new shiny one...I got home and put it back in and got the yard mowed in record time (3 hours 5 minutes) Okay I have to get things going here...Fireplace guy is coming to estimate downstairs fireplace and to fix the Savannah wreaked / chewed up wires. Who knew that a mere 13 ounces could destroy so much....and no less while all the bunny toys she has.


Loving Annie said...

Okay, FF, THAT explains why it has been so hard to get over your cold/flu/being worn out this winter !

(Besides working your poor little butt off non-stop around your place !)

Darlin, please go cold turkey and throw those lung-choking, air clogging, cancer sticks away, far far away... Please ?

You can do it ! You've got the determination of 10 people !

Think of how nice it will be to have a stronger immune system, breathe easier, be able to smell more clearly, have things taste better, have the house and furniture and your clothes and your breath smelling all nice and clean and... you get my drift !

Glad that you have a good new doctor. Help her help you get better, okay ?

The weather is foggy out here in the morning, high 60's to low 70's by mid-day...

That was a swift lawn mow with the new battery -- yahoo ! I love grass. It's so pretty...

What are you doing to the downstairs fireplace ?

Bunny toys aren't nearly as fascinating as wires to be chewed... Even with cats and rabbits and puppies, anything 'illegal' takes on the lure of the forbidden and become sintriguing !

Grace said...

Farm Fairy I'm thinking about you... it royally sucks being sick... you can give up the smoking... you're one of the most determined-to-get-things-done women on the planet.

Ang said...

babydoll, with the progress and determination you have made on organization, I know that you can kick the smoking habit. I've always said that.

I don't know how you keep going some days. But you continue to inspire me.