Monday, March 26, 2007

sorta fixed

Well as you might have guessed the puter prankster has been here at Halleyville and causing troubles. Spent houses on the phone with tech support and several others trying to fix things.
The house was cleaned for all of ten minutes when Bruno got here Friday night. We ate on the sofa and visited and then fell to sleep. Poor Bruno awoke early unable to sleep in as planned, I was up moments later. We ran around doing errands and dropping off rigs at Les Schwab for shocks on the 4runner...We both glanced at one another knowing we could no longer go on....and headed home. We lasted all of 6 hours with the running around and all. Bruno was tired and we later went to our favorite Thai place for dinner....Jasmine is always a good cure for fatigue...We took farm fresh eggs to Paula our chef and feasted away the rest of the night.
We then found Double H boots on sale at Sierra Trading Post. At bargains that frankly saved us a whopping $756.00!!! We'll stay in boots for the next 5 years. Double H boots are the best ( and no it has nothing to do with H in our last name) They are just durable and weather well as being able to fix them pretty easily...Those and Nicks Boots which we have sent out to them to be rebuilt and resoled several times.
Jonas and Savannah are now real pals and snuggle, chase, groom and sleep together.We leave them out most of the day and let them play for hours on end. Bruno and Savannah took to each other right away and she fell to sleep on his chest the first hour he got here.The living room looks like a bunny play yard and Bruno was okay with it all.I asked Bruno if we could let Savannah have a litter before we got Jonas fixed and to my utter shock he said yes! I am still wondering just who came home on Friday.
Well that's the round up of it all....Puters are all now working and I will test the photo thing that appeared to be the start of the fall of problems later today. Hope you are all well and safe. The sun is on the way and it is hoped that the grass will dry out just long enough for me to get the John Deere out and give it a cut!


Ang said...

i'm glad you got some time together sweety..I know how much you needed this time. This sick chickie sends you germ free hugs and love.

Loving Annie said...

Good Monday Farm Fairy !

Glad you got to see your beloved Bruno (or whoever it was inhabiting his body that agreed that Savannah could have a litter) !

Very good savings on the boots - way to go!

Jasmine what ??? rice or tea ?

Glad the computers are back up and working ! Enjoy the smell of the fresh cut grass outside, and hope you two (and all the animals) have a good week...