Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Temera has asked that I post this note quickly for her.

Due to technical difficulties: IE computers, weather, and internet service she has been having trouble posting to the blog. She is well and I spoke to her via phone for 1 hr today. Her mouth is healing nicely and she thanks all those that have prayed for her quick recovery. She hopes to feel 100% before the week is out.

As soon as I stop running a fever, and can clear a bit of my cold/flu out of me I will be out to fix her computer/internet glitches.

She sends her love to all her friends and family and says periodically she can access email so you may contact her via email if you wish.

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Inkling said...

At long last! We've been missing you! I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties, but glad to know you are okay and will write when things are back up and running. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

P.S. I know driving through snow is terrible, but I confess I felt a little envious that you at least got to be in snow. All this rain and no snow makes Inkling a very bummed out girl. =)