Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lights. Siren ,oil and all banged up

No one was hurt!!!!! The banged up part is of my hair......I being good wife did as told get 4runner her oil change and a few services..Upon my return home I was escorted by a local sheriff who informed me to turn off auto and to get out to which I was greeted with a driveway full of the entire contents of oil change, a mess to say the least. I spent the remaining few hours making phone calls getting the place to come out and fix driveway as well as repair in part the small problem of oil on the driveway as well as no oil in the rig. I left the auto in the driveway until the following morning to which it was dropped off at K-Pro for a look and repair any damage.


Farm Wife said...

Yikes! No fun. Exxon oil spills can be tough! Guess I'd rather water all over the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I swear babe if we didn't have bad luck lately we wouldn't have any luck at all.