Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Recap

The Morning started just before 6am....With the returning Pacific Northwest famous rain. I glared out the window wondering what had made me even think it was a good idea to come back here...Now I know you all are saying we have a great place, we do...Small but pretty nice....But I really want 50 + acres....We want to raise our own beef, lamb and maybe a pig ever now and again. I am all for as far away as possible to the city the further the better...I spoke with a real estate agent about several places. One on 64 acres, cute little house....Then her voice dropped as I asked why it had been on the market so long in such a hot area.."Well it is out in the middle of nowhere....." I squealed with joy and a breathless " that is just what we want"....Her relief was clear .....Most folks I guess are not recluses like myself, age draws me further away from that world and closer to nature as well as self supporting...And the paradise of animals and all the come with the life of a ranch. Hard work , yes...Worth it , yes ..........

We will see what hubby has to say about it all.....

Hubby is going into overtime here in the next week and will be able to come home for 18 hours then leave again for the next three weeks or longer. My overtime pig could not be happier at the new job. Finding a place to live is proving to be a bigger challenge then anything else...He loves the blue prints, the control, the planning and his perfectionist personality gets things done in short order. I am rather certain he is dazzling the higher ups, securing his future with them. Handsdown my hubby has a flawless skill in this area and shines when it seems simply impossible by others. I know you are all rolling your eyes and laughing hysterical but really he is my hero and I see no wrong in his skills as a husband ( despite his power list) or as a foreman...The company is as lucky as I am to have him... He updates me about the next exciting step he is facing....Challenging at times I imagine but all the better for him....The bigger, the harder, the more complex and the more dangerous the better as far as I have figured out so far.

I spent a total of 6 hours on the phone with various state employees regarding the health and welfare of hubbies mum..The paperwork, the questions and the no response that was logical or that would solve the problem... The problem you ask? Oh no we wont even go there lets just suffice to say that as with all paperwork involving the governing authorities in any place like government ( farm fairy's challenge) or insurance ( inklings challenge) are basically bound to involve imaginary phone calls resistance to commit to an actual answer and the inability to write an address down in the correct location....The fact that so many hands seemed to be tied and the unending game of " Im not authorized and let me pass you too......" ( imaginary person).....Hence once you ask for the person who has their name at the bottom of the latest paper you might have they are

A) No longer here ( finally fired after repeatly helping some poor sap )
B) Transferred to another division ( because they have another place to go screw up)
C) On vacation until November ( because they have taken stress leave and checked into a hospital to recover)
D) In Dallas at a training course ( why do they not know their job? )
E) Been promoted (for saving the company or government so much money)

I no longer was able to get anyplace as at 4:30 the calls simply went into voice mails , which were already full!!!
The fact that I was able to get even one live person... I gave one person the address they swear they had sent the needed form to despite that I had an envelope with a letter it and seemed unclear to the fact that I had another address on it in my hand.I asked for the form to be resent. Despite the fact that the time allotment had expired two days after I received the letter dated and sent to an address some 120 miles away to a location hubby & I have neither lived....There was silence on the line when I said " you sent the letter I have to the wrong address xxx- main St....You should have sent it to ooo-xxx street instead..." Response to this statement was " well you got it right? Then we sent it to the right place".......I stammered back with "no, it was forwarded to me " ......I becoming frustrated said " fine, just send a copy to ALL the addresses you have on file" .... To which I heard "ma'am we can not waste money that way, just let me sent it to xxx-main St. " at this point I am on the verge of plotting where there maybe a spot to put just one more body..."THAT IS NOT THE RIGHT ADDRESS!!!!" To which miss I have no real brain asked me to read the address printed on the envelope......XXX-Main St.... I state. To which she informs me with great delight and relief that is what is on her computer screen so that must be right......NO NO NO NO!!!!! I GROWL " CAN YOU PLEASE SEND IT TO OUR HOUSE?" WITH THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT FROM BRAINLESS " The post office will forward it to you if you have filled out a change of address form" to which I am now screaming " that is not where we live or have ever lived, it is not our address.....Our address is blah blah...." Mrs. Did you get the form we sent you? " ...No I state it is NOT A FORM BUT A LETTER" her statement is " well just fill out the form and return it to us" I am now turning red with irritation.." Well I would but I do not have a form I have a letter" she informs me the forms are sent out the same day as the letters....HUH???? Are you kidding me??? Then were is the form? She does not know as it is sent from ANOTHER OFFICE !!!!!!UGH!!!! I ask her to sent me a form by e-mail...She states I kid you not " we do not have that ability as e-mail outside of our offices" ...............After 91 minutes I decide I am not getting anywhere with this call , although she seems to be the only one in the office....I wondering if she even has authority to send said form.....No, she will e-mail the right person who will inturn send off form to xxx-mainSt....... She THEN INFORMS ME " ma'am you can drop by our office and pick up the form" I respond with what I beleive is a logically statement "why would I drive 4 hours to your office to pick it up?" Before she even opens her mouth I somehow know she will tell me that XXX- Main St. is just 16 miles away....Bingo FARM FAIRY WINS !!!! That indeed is just what was said by this time I wish her good luck and farewell......She says "Thank you, but good luck with what.....?" my smart alec response was " with life honey you'll need it.."

At least my situation did not involve a refund check in or out of another country.....Good Luck Inkling!!!!!

The remainder of same day involved making 13 breakfasts for hubby and 10 dinners all now frozen awaiting its travel to said job location...At least a homemade meal will make it's way to the right place....

I scrubbed kitchen the day before ( oh yes I know its now not near as clean after the meals I made)

The remainder of the day before is a million miles away and honestly is long gone after the hours that I endured on the phone....

Rain and grey drive me to the bedroom to clean.....Have a good day...........

Ang is in LA and phoned from the Santa Monica Pier.....Lost!!!
Honey your not lost if you know where you are! Trust me on this one okay?

I have just returned from dungeon ( i.e. laundry room)
The reward for my efforts is kipping one pair of warm socks to replace the now wet ones I used to go out to feed wearing slippers and hubbies worn grey sweatshirt ( not fresh nor warm) but it smells like him and that is WAY BETTER than being warm right now....Today I am missing him a great deal...Maybe because I spent all that time fixing him his meals without the luxury of watching him eat it.

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Anonymous said...

why do the dumb ones continue to live?

Oh wait..I'm in that category..It took me 3 hours to find my hotel..I'm here honey!!!

Oh what a blog for tonight..But I'm making mental notes. Mental blotes..And Mental Crying!!!

As you say to Katie Cow Girl Tuff.

Sorry you had such a ruff day yesterday and then to listen to me on the phone for the past few days with my b/s...Oh good lord. Just put a fork in me now..

Ok this is no longer a comment but a novel and bondo, bruno and inkling are gonna be laughing their tuckus (sp) off at me. Cya!