Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cats Chasing Bats

I had intended on going back to sleep after hubbies morning call...But a ruckus awoke me from inside the house..Never mind that the dog some place up the road had spent the night barking and keeping me awake only to have enough quiet to almost be close to sleep...reawaking to the barking. yadda yadda ......... So hubby had his breakfast one of the many meals I had made and froze up last time he came to visit. There is one small place to eat where he is and the little old Mexican can cook a mean meal...Very good for a few days but not the farm fairy food hubby has come to love. Anyway he has over 24 dinners and lunches as well as 7 breakfasts...

Okay back to the ruckus...Slinky had been in bed with me and Thomas someplace else. ( turns out he was down stairs) The sky was just turning pale and I had hung up the phone and planned on returning to sleep. Thomas it turns out was hunting in the kitchen downstairs as I heard things falling off the counter. I get out of bed and get coffee it wont matter if I get down there any faster as whatever has falling will remain there no matter if I have coffee or not. Might as well get the coffee while I can as who knows how long it will be for me to figure out what is going on down there..Buluga glances up from her bed and decides to stay there, Slinky on the other hand is on my heels, certain that there will be fun for him. I make it to the bottom of the stairs and turn the corner to witness Thomas on top of a cabinet leaping off it towards the bat who is trying to out fly him. This is the only invitation Slinky needs and now I have two cats chasing one bat ...Who is squealing and Slinky doing the kitty chatter. I go further towards the kitchen ..A few wood trays are on the floor and a plate too....And an injured bat....The cats are unaware that I am there... I proceed to the door fling it open hoping the bats will get out on their own...I go back up stairs and close the door . It is clear we will have to cover the bat entry as soon as possible. I know that the cats will be back as soon as the bats are no longer playing with them or they are all dead. I did toss the injured bat out the door...Okay NOW I can enjoy coffee....While I try to figure out which hole the bats keep coming to and from...It is now past seven AM and I have a boat load of chores to do. I am going to box up books that I will be taking to the book store.....Alright please enjoy the day...Inkling and are in for another day of sunshine... I will be doing much outside including putting a final coat of stain on the deck for some extra winter care. Tootles!

The news about the Ambush caught on tape makes me weep...How is life so disposable?
What does it say about our earth and what we ARE NOT DOING? I rarely watch news..I usually go outside when hubby has it on..But that's what was on when I turned on the television.
Then the surgery in space ( how cool is that? )Just a thought out loud.

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