Monday, June 19, 2006

Been Busy

I first would like to beg forgiveness for my absence....I have been so very busy with farm,hubby, garden sheds and art. I have had to make myself go to bed as hubby has quit his other job and taken on a job far closer to home, in fact he is home every night now. I wake at 4 am and make breakfast, make and pack up his lunch and then start chores, hence the missing early morning blog update.

I have been trying to keep up and it is clear that I have fallen behind in severalareas. So now I am in the midst of personal chaos....Trying to figure out how to get to bodies of work out of one sorry dragging farm fairy.

Okay it is bed time and I am saying good night to you all......
I hopeto have enough time to blog in my early mornings soon..

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ang said...

Daily Blog strikes back at Farm Fairy.

Farm Fairy awakes to find Farm Animals in house.

Art challenges Farm Fairy to a duel.

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