Thursday, January 31, 2008

A big shout out to Arizona!

Now you know that i am injuried and trying to post anything is like a gigantic pain for my right hand,wrist and arm...but never mind....I have story!!! So while I await to company and have mission organization on ( hopefully to inspire me subconsiously I will tell you my tale...But before I do Yes the pass is still closed and Bruno, even if he could come home would be stranded by the State Patrol..... have all heard me snival and whine like a little girl without her panties on about the phone/dsl/cable and long distance provider and all of those dellemmias over the last two years...I got a letter from a collection agency sayoing " YOU OWE MONEY!" with frustration I called them explained in my best way that the bill was wrong and that they needed to send it back to the provider so I could get it solved...I got the usal your a dead beat pay your
I called back and told them not to call again.( my right by law) So I called the company ( we will call them X for now) and anyway after being suffled to one person who would not or could not help and then on hold for some 119 minutes....I hung up and fed the ranch....chopped the bunnie veggies up, collected all the eggs , fed four cats and then Daizy and finally myself. I decided that I would try early in the morning to resolve this crazy nonesense....I asked for a manager when a real person in our own country finally got on the line.......In my mind I'm thinking "YAHOO...Farm Fairy has a guy on the phone who speaks clearly"

"Hello my name is Aaron how can I help you? " I wrote down the time as i usally do knowing from the past I might be stuck to the phone for the next several hours just being tossed around. But to my surprise I said " Im sure your nice but can I speak to a manager.....Sweet guy informs me " let me see if I can help you first...ok?" oh here we go...calm down there farm fairy give the kid a break, it is early no sense in exploding before noon....and you won't beleive it I said sure give it a whirl I have all day and night too just let me put you on hold to feed tonight....

AARON you rock or whatever you young guys say these less then 45 minutes he had most of my troubles solved and then he transfered me some one who refused to even call the collections but she did transfer me to another person......

"Hello my name is Jessie how can I help?" Could it be true another nice young guy who really wants to help me? Oh JOY!!!! I started to explain my woes and he did everything possible to help me.....TWO HEROS in the same DAY! Is it a dream? oh me oh lucky am I?

Thank you so much. You have made up for the 17 hours I have spent trying to fix it all...

So if Arizona is listening you should know that I think you have the honor to have two really nice, helpful guys living in your state.....If you know who these two guys are.....I wanna buy them a cup of coffee or send them my Ranger Cookies or something just so they know how greatful I am.

Thank you so much again!!!!

P.S. spell check is not working so forgive my piss poor spelling OK?

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