Wednesday, December 26, 2007

3am departure

Well Bruno awoke to the evil cellphone alarm going off at three different or something that it resembles includes yet more water and Bruno on his way out the door. The meanie called at the top of the pass to tell me how wonderful all the snow falling around him was. While i stood there wanting to scream at the top of my lungs about the drizzle and gray that seems to continue to the end of earth and time itself.

Christmas rules did not get met at agreed by both parties involved. The devil made Bruno buy your Farm Fairy a wonderful saddle....tooled by hand and oh the delight of it as I drift on thinking that someday my prince will take me away from the rain that keeps me from the saddle...yes I've heard of people riding in the driving rain...but lets face it I have already proven my pioneer ways ....yes not voluntarily but proven all the same.

Here it is almost a year gone and i feel I have done little to prove that I have weathered her well....
Although my face sure seems to be showing it.
Alright kids, I have to run will try to keep up better in the weeks ahead...miracle's could still happen , even here at Halleyville.....feeling more like the sea then a to you all

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Inkling said...

I've missed you, and look forward to every post you are able to write. I'm sorry we are living through such a wet, wet, wet, and gray winter. It will snow for five minutes here, and then rain for the next 30. I haven't been able to see Mars and the moon like my mom wanted. Let's move somewhere that has mountains, places to go on a good long canter, snow in the winter, sunshine a lot, and not a lot of neighborhoods or modern gunk. (Truth be told, if I thought I could actually pull it off, I'd move to the Yukon and live like the couple in The Last Trapper.)

Your saddle sounds beautiful. I do hope that Bruno gets to one day actually live at the same home as his princess, and not be stuck at a dam all day far away. Until then, know that you are thought of and prayed for.