Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I spent the day yesterday thinking about Buluga and her peacefully dying last year...Grateful she was never here for all the chaos that has ensued this last year...the shear amount of all the crazy things would have been to much on the old gal. So here I am final able to to see Gods wisdom ...Hindsight usually bites me in the tussie and today it is just there settled in my heart. I have over the last year had good dose of challenging things. and I am still able to say ....."It is not happening to me it is just happening"

Anyway I am watching the news and Bruno is sound to sleep....He had left the dam and made a series of stops resulting in a 6 hour trip just to get home...doctors, feed, haircut and boots...and finally home. He made it just in time to unloaded the feed while the ranch hand was still here.

The kitchen was gutted just the week before and then our cabinet guy had some family emergency and was unable to get the cherry cabinets in until this past Monday and yesterday the green granite was but on the top.....tomorrow the spigot and water get hooked up...and then Bruno and I will go get the new dishwasher, fridge an over the stove micro/convection /vent fan .....and hopefully it will be all together enough to have photos for you all. The cherry is just amazing well worth the wait of weeks to have them made, custom from our families cabinet makers....they even came out to the house in Wenatchee ( over 275 miles round trip) to do our place there. We will post photos asap...

A Thanksgiving wish for you all....That the year ahead finds you well and healthy, That the world slows down so that you always have a moment for a kind word , an extra kiss for the kids and a slow dance with your sweetheart.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Queen Mother said...

It's good to know that you could think of Buluga that way. She is attached to your heart and will always pop up from time to time.
Few weeks back I heard a bark and went to looking for our dog even though I know she is buried in the side yard.

Thank you for the Thanksgiving wish. I hope the same for you.
I look forward to seeing pictures of your kitchen. I love cherrywood

jhenrydesigns said...

I hope your wrist is feeling better! With the first snow today, it made me think of you and what you went through with the snow this time last year. Thinking of you and wanted you to know! *big hugs*
Much Love,