Sunday, October 14, 2007


One would think that one would be able to sleep peacefully away in her bed without too much chaos. But life is not so......Crazy Daisy brought her chew bone to bed where she proceeded to chew,chomp and sniff at it next to my ear.Buck, the rotten was exploring how many places his teenage kitten paws could get into ,including my nose, my ear and several other places. Jack had too cry for the better part of the morning (2am until I tossed him outside at 5am) about what I have no idea.I tried to snuggle with him, put him with Daisy which normally they snuggle up,fall asleep and all is well. Boy, not this morning. So there I was tossing the rotten babies out the door, thinking I might return to bed. BUT................NOOOOOO. As the very moment I flipped the porch light on, Rocky the rooster took that as his clue that he was now to wake the world. So bed or coffee????just not right you know. So coffee it is. Good morning all.

I have a huge day ahead and little to no motivation to do any of it, at all. I dream , wish and pray for sleep.

Two weeks ago I had little visitors here..I will post about it when I can load photos.

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