Sunday, June 24, 2007


I Have Bruno asleep in bed and if I had my way he would be there for the next two weeks resting. He looks tired and frankly we both need the break. Short of some injury ( God forbid) he will not see this rest before the end of the year.

Okay Eddie arrived at the dam with Brunos truck at 3 yesterday....and Bruno refused to get in her as he was dirty...hahha that won't last long. Anyway they got there all together all together and drove west to their awaiting girls...Bruno pulled in in his new truck...she is a beauty but needs a few things fixed on her. I'll get a few pics of the two of them before he leaves this afternoon. Paula at the Thai restaurant feed us well past 9pm and we felt honored and spoiled that we are always treated like family.

We are still without water and the list of things Bruno wants addressed and resolved is longer then I had thought. The hen did not make it and Bruno is sure pissed about the whole thing. I explained that we had began legal proceedings and would have it resolved.

Well kids it is just past 5:30AM and Bruno asked if he could sleep in....So I am going to see how close after 10 I can keep the chaos down...phones off, alarm off, tv off and so on..So far the only one not being good is Rocky who is mourning the loss of his hens.


Loving Annie said...

I hope you two get a good long sleep in this morning, Farm Fairy !

Still without water ? oh noooooooo..

What do you mean that there are legal proeceedings re: the hens ? What did I miss ?

Anonymous said...

We'll see you tomorrow girl. I have begun to pack her things and she's mentally preparing herself. I'm taking her up to see Mighty Max today for his party. (Her last bit of freedom spent my way not hers)

Give Bruno a hug for me and sorry I missed him again on another one of his trips here. Be gentle to his new found baby.

NoMas said...

Poor Rocky. Poor Farm Fairy & Bruno. Harmed babies, no water and exhaustion - may the coming week bring you relief!