Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And time is......

You know your life is a wee bit crazy when you fly outta bed and remember that you are officially outta time and that the 9 hours you need will not stretch from the 5 you hours that you have left. So I have altered my plan and time line so that I might not turn into a full crazy person that is just begging to come out... I have watched as the transformation of the down stairs apartment takes on new and better directions. Anyway I am truly tired and there is no slowing down at this point one hopes that all the work will pay off and not be in vane...Is a house remodel ever really that vane when it started out as sewage? Somehow I know it will all be done at some point.

Bruno is fine and the truck still has not left PA. It seems that finding a truck hauler to bring it out is a bigger challenge then to actually pay for it..who knew?

Momma cat attack brood hen as she left the clutch for a few minutes, past the baby kittens at which point momma jumped onto the hen and started defeathering the poor hen...Rocky stood in shock crowing and carrying on. It was over in a few minutes and all the mommas are fine....It seems that the rule " Don't mess with the momma" applies across all species.

Well kids I have much to do today. Hope you are all well and life is very good.


Loving Annie said...

Thinking of you and your busy day, FF !

Anonymous said...

don't work too hard my sister. i don't want to come back to a crazy woman. LOL...I love you and will check in on you on the blog from MO.