Sunday, May 20, 2007

Silent Sunday so far....

And only because I have shut the ringers off the phones. Life HAS BEEN pretty hectic around here and one can only hope to find peace and sleep minus stress...Who knows if that is even possible at this point. On top of that my sister is suppose to be in from Iraq but I have not heard if she arrived as of yet.

And the good news is that by beloved Bruno has managed to get a FULL WEEK OFF!!! That is my Birthday present!!! No, we are not going any place, he will try to recover from all the stress and the workaholic damage for a few days then we will build another deck off the back kitchen door. I know that does not sound like a break to most of you all, but we really do work well together and usually have a good time building things together. And I get to MAKE FOOD FOR HIM!!!!Yahoo. One of the things I miss most about him being gone.

Well I did go to Ang's yesterday and we put a bed together and got most of oldest bedroom done. I still have a few things to get out of the barn and a last minute thing or two.

Okay that is it in a nut shell...

I am hoping to get some things done around here before I leave for a few hours to finish another house out in Lake Stevens!!!It will all be done today. okay it is now time for me to go...Be well and yes I read every bodies blog....


Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday morning Farm Fairy,
That is great about Bruno getting a week off so the two of you can have time together !!!!! Excellent birthday present !

I hope your sister has arrived safely.

How come you are adding on to the house with a deck off the back kitchen door if you are going to be moving to Hawaii within the next year ? Or has that changed ? Didn't Bruno have a job offer there ?

You have more energy than 10 people, FF ! You get more done than anyone I know !

Have a pretty and safe drive out to Lake Steves --

Lauren said...

So glad you and Bruno will have some quality time together!!!!!

The room sounds beautiful... can't wait to see pics!!

NoMas said...

Enjoy the week off just sharing each other's company!

Are you decorating a house in Lake Stevens?