Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday 4:30 AM

I awoke to racket some distance away...Hubby asleep on the sofa and his list dancing in his head. So many things to get done before he leaves tomorrow. Friends stopping by to say ggod bye to him, knowing he'll be gone for several months before most of us see he again....Me trying to get him set up with meds/scripts, tune ups and such. I canned several quarts of pears and 6 quarts of very hot salsa. I am then going to be running til dark getting the rest done..clean clothes and such. The geese have started flying over head warning of the fast approching winter. We are still making room in the barn for a few tons of feed....I should think I will Have time after this week to get it all cleaned out..Mice have to be delt with and then we will get it in there. Iwould think Charlie Girl ( wild cat and her baby) will be happy to stay there in the winter. I have yet to get to much else. The round pen is for the most part finished a few panels (5) have to be put up...I'm hopping the rain stops by day light. We'll see. Okay I will try to update you all very soon. Have a wonderful day...I hope Inkling is well and that it is not as wet and cold there as here.


Country Joe Gilhooley said...

nice pic selection

Inkling said...

Yes, the rains have moved in. Occasionally, it stops and the sky is just partly cloudy. That's nice, because my hubby works outside all day long. He always comes home wet, dirty, and tuckered out. The one good thing is that my sweater collection can come out for the next few months.

I've had some email glitches, so sorry if you haven't been able to get through the past few days. I'm hoping it will get cleared up soon.

You and your husband will be in my thoughts and prayers as he works so far away from you. I know he's excited, but can't imagine being apart that long. Just know that you've got someone a little north of you cheering you on.